This Morning We are Praying For

Weill Medical College of Cornell University
New York, NY

Senior Associate Dean…………. Yoon Kang
Type………………………………… 4-year, Private Non-Profit
Campus Housing………………… Yes
Student Population……………… 1,371
Student-to-Faculty Ratio………. Not Available
“In the past academic year, international medical students visited from Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Jordan, Peru, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Syria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Switzerland, Thailand and New Zealand.”

Mission Statement
“Weill Cornell Medical College and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences are committed to excellence in research, teaching, patient care, and the advancement of the art and science of medicine. To this end, our mission is to provide the finest education possible for medical students and students pursuing advanced degrees in the biomedical sciences, to contribute to the lifelong education of physicians throughout their careers, to conduct research at the cutting edge of knowledge, to improve the healthcare of the nation and the world both now and for future generations, and to provide the highest quality of clinical care for the communities we serve. Success in any of these areas contributes to success in the others.”

This Campus Has NOT Been Adopted

Known Christian Groups on Campus:
No Known Gospel Witness

Prayer Request:

1) Luke 10.2 Jesus said to them: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

2) Please continue to pray for a revival among the Christians students, faculty, and staff.

3) Pray that the revival will turn into an awakening among the non-Christian student, faculty, and staff.

4) Please pray for the students who may be living on campus. Pray for sexual purity in the dorms and on campus.

5) Please remember to pray for any international students who may be on campus. We are praying that they would be exposed to the gospel and receive Jesus as their savior. Pray for those who make a commitment to Christ, that when they return home, they would stand strong as a witness for Christ.

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