Welcome to “A Daily Shot of Joe”. I am so glad you found your way here. The simple goal of this blog is to provide information on a new college or university, every week day, for which we can agree on in prayer. I will be posting schools, starting in Delaware, then moving into Pennsylvanian. After PA I will move across the country with the audacious goal to eventually list every school. I know that is a tall order. There are over 4,000 schools in the country. That is more than 800 five- day weeks. My best “guesstimation”, we should finish in 2035 or 2036!

But let’s not worry about that now. We need to be praying for the college and university students, staff and faculty in the United States. Young adults need us to be standing in the gap for them. Let it not be said of us, as it was of the Israelis of old, that God could not find a person to intercede for the land.

So, grab a cup of joe, or your favorite morning drink, open your Bible and lets pray!

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